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LQ Business Collective is a non-profit organization that serves to connect the Boards of Trade, Chambers of Commerce and Tourism Cooperatives of Lunenburg County and Queens County. Our number one focus is to support the business community in this economic zone.

Currently, our Collective includes:


We collectively aim to encourage cooperation and mutual support for the growth of our respective communities and industries, emphasizing the value of all member towns.

We see the strength in presenting our area as a unified economic hub that presents a unique appeal to businesses and investors. By sharing the assets of each member town, we aim to create a narrative that attracts investments and spurs economic growth, thus enhancing our region’s competitiveness.

We wish to highlight our commitment to the following principles and cooperative areas:



We plan to share valuable information, insights, and best practices to enhance our industries’ competitiveness. Highlighting successful initiatives will help us showcase the potential of our economic zone.


We aim to collaborate and use our joint influence to advocate for policies that support our economic zone’s development and promotion.


We will foster networking among our members to explore strategic alliances within the economic zone. By organizing joint events, trade fairs, and investment forums, we aim to attract businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to our area, fostering economic activity and prosperity.


We commit to sharing resources and training to enhance our members’ capabilities. We hope to attract and retain skilled professionals to encourage innovation and economic diversification.


We acknowledge the importance of sustainable practices and social responsibility in our economic zone’s development. We will work to attract businesses and investors who share these values. 

Sustainability of the BUSINESS culture as well – for our young people and the future.

Our joint initiative showcases our commitment to working together and acknowledges the value of each member town. By promoting our area as a single entity, we hope to create an appealing investment environment that results in economic growth and better living standards for our communities.

We will collectively discuss how to implement our joint intentions and create a framework for cooperation with regular meetings, allowing us to develop specific marketing strategies and promotional activities for our economic zone.